I’ve been following the facebook posts and twitter feeds of friends in the States whose Thanksgiving prep begins a week before the holiday and whose cooking would make an angel weep  (talking to you Brenna).  Out here in the desert, there’s not so much of “Thanksgiving.” Out here today, particularly if your kids don’t go to an American school, it’s just…Thursday.

And while I am missing a proper Thursday Thanksgiving, I am also giving thanks that it’s not Thanksgiving.  Because last night I was up until almost 2AM swabbing down the boys’ bedroom, after Caleb demonstrated his projectile vomiting ability. Seriously, the kid has mad skillz as a hurler.

Because if it were Thanksgiving here, then I would be really tired before I even started to cook, and I’d have a sick kid on my hands (although actually I think he “just” had food poisoning), and who wants a sick kid on Thanksgiving?