Last year, I put up this photo on New Year’s Eve Day. A tad cliched, sure, but still – appropriate. Leaping, caught in the space between two points.  Nice, right?

So explain to me the algorithm that would somehow connect this picture with this comment:

By means of probiotics and different some other products, you’re able to become successful jointly with your yeast infection eating habits. The chief good results for weight loss certainly is the adequate vitamins and minerals. If you’re acquiring excellent diet regime, that can provide possibility to an individual’s gastrointestinal tract to make sure you crush bacterias which is certainly deadly and also it has an possible opportunity to deny your body food all the eradicate so that you can maintain and also build a common weight loss. Aim to go for the procedure the spot where you contain a healthful particular weight loss. So as to commence with all your yeast diet, you will need to move through when using the technique of detoxify the body. First you certainly will experience much worse after that primarily as time passes you will definitely begin to feel much better. This approach is different from referrals. This approach with detox it has the name die-off that the harmful toxins are released quite simply together with conclusion in to flu-like signs and symptoms.

So I don’t know about you, but I really do not want to become successful jointly with my yeast infection.

Why are metaphors, or leaping children, or playgrounds somehow subject to yeast-related spam? I guess the detox is maybe related to New Year’s Eve?

If Nate Silver ever wants out of politically related statistics, perhaps he could go to work for a phishing phirm and write algorithms that send out spam more based in reality.  This spam seems more like spam from Fox: utterly unrelated to what’s actually going on in the picture.


the original post:  Leaping between two points, just lifting off from where he’d been, not quite touched down on where he’s going. Not a bad metaphor for the year that’s been and the year that’s to come.

What else does this snapshot show me? That I need to learn how to use my new camera so that the kid is in focus, not the house in the background.

Happy New Year, to friends and loved ones in all hemispheres.