“What’s it like over there,” people ask when I’m back in the States. “What’s it…you know, like?”

I still don’t have an answer for that question; or rather, I certainly don’t have one answer. And truth be told, would any of us have just one response to that question? I suppose if a person lived in Bali, the answer to “what’s it like” would be “perfect,” but I think that’s probably the exception and not the rule, don’t you?

Anyway. In an effort to document small moments of life in Abu Dhabi, I’m going to run these “snapshot saturdays.” (I think that’s what the Arabic characters say in the title line, but if they’re actually insulting your grandmother or your camel or your spouse, please let me know.)

A tent used for iftar dinners during Ramadan and then for parties during Eid, now empty and waiting to be rolled up until next year (thanks to Shannon for pulling me around the corner to show me the tent)