There are lots of sites that display photoshop screwups: an arm that suddenly disappears, a hand with too many fingers, a waist digitally whittled (digiwhittle?) into nothingness. Photoshop can even, as Jezebel documents, re-image history by removing people from pictures.

I don’t know about you but I like to think that there are some celebrities who resist the allure of photoshop “perfection,” even if it means looking like, you know, an actual person instead of a Barbie doll.  And then I saw this picture:

 Who is this, you say? Is it maybe…Kristin Stewart? Or…some charming morning talk-show hostess? Nope. It’s Tina Fey. Or rather, it’s “Tina Fey,” the digitally created version of the acerbic and brilliant actress/writer whose career is predicated on presenting herself in all her flawed and human glory.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what she’s saying but it would be nice if she could say it without being airbrushed into Barbie-land.  Because the words in this picture say one thing but the picture itself says something entirely different.