Liam: Do ladies get their hair cut as often as I do?

Me: Depends on whether they have short hair or not, I guess.

Liam: What about long hair?

Me: Nah, because with long hair you can tuck it up, like I do.  My hair is currently in its standard knot of a ponytail looped back on itself. Tres fashionable.

Liam:  You should grow your hair really, really long.

Me: My hair gets sort of scraggly if it gets long.

Liam, excited: No, but if you grew it really long, like Katniss, that would be wonderful.  And then you could wear some exquisite clothes.

I look down at my cotton t-shirt and skirt, which is starting to pill because it’s been washed so frequently. Exquisite?

Liam: Yes, exquisite. And then you’d be one of those pretty moms.

Everyone’s a critic.