When Husband and I were first daydreaming about our move to Abu Dhabi, the idea of being able to explore this part of the world enticed me.  I figured from our perch on the Arab Peninsula, we’d be able to explore places with our kids that we would never get to from New York. What Husband and I didn’t realize is that we seem to carry with us some kind of revolutionary force field, which causes unrest wherever we go.

This summer, we were in London. There were riots.

We planned to go to Egypt last fall. Perhaps you’ve heard? There’s a revolution there.  And we figured that exploring Cairo with a seven and an eleven year old in tow wouldn’t be the best idea.  Friends of ours report that for tourists it’s all fine–just avoid the Tahrir Square bit, they say; just stick to the touristy bits, they say.  And I’m sure they’re right. But you know? If they’re wrong, even just a little bit, and Something were to Happen? Perhaps I don’t have the soul of a true adventurer, but I’m just not willing to risk it.  Yes, getting caught in a cross-fire would make for fabulous travel stories (and blog posts!) but on the downside, there’s potential blood loss and bodily injury.

So we went to India instead for our November holiday and that was fantastic. And perhaps there was revolution fomenting in the streets–but the traffic is so bad that who would know?

And now we have cashed in frequent flyer miles and discount coupons for a short family trip to the Maldives. Yes. The Maldives. We’re going to visit them before they’re awash in the Indian Ocean, the first inhabited landmass to be claimed by global warming. I’ve wanted to visit the Maldives for years and years, and when Husband was edging up on turning fifty, we decided we celebrate (mourn?) that fact by going to an atoll. Originally, of course, we wanted to go without our children but we’ve got nowhere to park them for four days while we travel, so we’re bringing them with us. Liam’s only comment? “Are we going to have to do anything like museums or anything? Or can we just go somewhere and sit?

Isn’t it great how his global expat life has broadened his horizons and made him a voracious consumer of world cultures?

So we’ve got our tickets, got our resort confirmation (resort with a “kids club,” natch, because I am not spending my Maldives trip breaking up fights or playing Crazy Eights. I’m going to try and make this family trip be an actual vacation), and I even bought a new bathing suit.

Yesterday in the Maldives? They had a revolution.

All I can say is they’d better sort out their revolutionary atollian selves, dammit.  Screw personal freedom and democracy and all that nonsense. I’ve got plane tickets.

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