Confession: In elementary school (and middle school, and okay, high school too) I was always last chosen for games in PE. Maybe it was the glasses & braces combo (plus the stringy center-parted hair), or maybe it was the utter lack of hand-eye coordination, but I was the girl standing on the sidelines, waiting (and dreading) the “choose teams” moment.

I got over it. Eventually.

Flash forward to now. Bloggers have been playing eleven-question tag–answering questions, passing along the game to another list of bloggers…sort of like choosing a team.  But thanks to Greta, at Not Enough Patience and Never Enough Jewelry, I’m not on the sidelines! I got tagged!  Yay Greta!

My seven-year old self can go slinking back into the deep recesses of my subconscious while I play the game.

Here are the rules:

You must post these rules. Each per­son must post 11 things about them­selves on their blog. Answer the ques­tions the “tag­ger” listed for you in his/her post, and cre­ate 11 new ques­tions for the peo­ple you tag to answer. Choose 11 peo­ple to tag and link to them in the post. Let each blog­ger know that you have tagged them.

Greta’s questions:

1. What kids’ show do you detest, and which one do you secretly watch when your kids aren’t around?

I pretty much hate all of it, but particularly iCarly and her ilk.  I love “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and was furious at the hash that M. Night Shamalamadingdong made of the movie. Luckily most US kids’ TV shows aren’t on here (or else we haven’t found those channels yet). There is an Arabic language show called “Freej” that was inspired by “South Park,” of all things, and it cracks me up: four old ladies cackling about the state of the world.

2.  If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh gadzooks. Um…the outfit I wear here almost every day: a knee-length jersey knit skirt and a t-shirt, purple birkenstocks. No one has ever accused me of being fashion-forward.

3. If you could start over completely with a brand new Facebook account and ditch the one you have, would you have the same number of friends, fewer friends, or more friends?

Waaay fewer. There are people from my past who are, due to FB, now in my present. And they should’ve stayed in the past.

4. If you could retire tomorrow (or if all of your kids were in school), what would you do with your days?

Write and be outside. So I guess if I could have a house with a big porch that would be ideal: I could write outside.

5. What toy from your childhood do you secretly wish you could still play with?

I wish it were still all right for me to sit and read for hours at a time. That and play with my Sasha dolls. Best. Doll. Ever.

6. What is your favorite movie of all time?

I should probably come up with something witty and intellectual but at the moment, all that comes to mind are the “Thin Man” movies with Myrna Loy and William Powell, or maybe “Bull Durham,” which is probably the last time I was able to watch Kevin Costner in a movie. Or else it would have to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.  Those movies show me that an adaptation doesn’t always have to diminish the original. Plus there’s that whole Viggo-pre-Russian-mobster thing.

7. If you could spend a week with any celebrity and couldn’t leave his/her side the whole time, who would you want to spend it with?


8. What is the first thing you would say to that celebrity?

Is it hard to walk around in the world and look at the rest of us? Or rather, what’s it like to be inside those cheekbones looking out at the pudgy wrinkly spotty world?

9. Do you have any major regrets in your life?

Probably… I mean, sure. But then again, if you believe that everything we’ve done in the past leads us to where we are, then I can’t regret anything or else I wouldn’t be where and who I am now. And mostly that “now” space is okay.

10. If you could choose any (other) profession, what would it be?

Heiress? Philanthropist (that would be contingent on choice A happening, however). Person-who-makes-her-living-from-writing?

11. What song do you crank up the loudest in your car and sing along to?

I’m not sure we can call it “singing” (bellowing might be more accurate), but I do know all the words to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by heart…and then of course, there’s the wild emoting that comes along with anything on the album “Tapestry.” Have also lately been wailing along with Adele and with the Black Keys.


And now my questions (some of which have been cribbed from others):

1. What is in your refrigerator?

2. What chore do you most loathe?

3. If you could be anywhere else, where would you be?

4. What is your favorite book?

5. What’s in your purse (or pockets or satchel?)

6. What’s the title for your autobiography?

7. Do you have any physical scars? What’s the story of one scar?

8. If you had to have a car, and could have any kind of car you wanted (someone else will do the grocery shopping and kid/pet/horse/goat shlepping, this one is just for you), what would it be?

9. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

10. What are you most proud of that has only to do with you (can’t be kids, partner, well-trained pet)?


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