In my efforts to organize our digital photos, I found one of my favorite pictures of Caleb.  And then, as so often happens, the blog world stepped in and gave me an excuse to share this picture.  Galit, over at These Little Waves is running a linkup in conjunction with Alison at Mama Want This, called “Memory Captured.”

Caleb learned to walk when he was nine months old and began to explore the world (stairs! balconies! steep slides!) with utter disregard for life and limb. Mostly because he was so young that he wasn’t sure what “limb” meant, much less “life.”  And, of course, he had only the most rudimentary understanding of physics: thus this picture. The foot at right angles to the cupboard he’s trying to climb into, the clothes scattered around him on the floor, the complete concentration: I will get inside this whatever it is.