We’re a long way from home today, on Thanksgiving.  I mean, we’re a long way from home all the time, but on a day like today it’s a little bit harder than usual.  Usually I’m scurrying around the kitchen making a mess, swearing occasionally, but mostly loving that I’m cooking for people I love (why that feeling doesn’t carry over into the regular work week, I have no idea).  But today…nah. Just a regular day in Abu Dhabi.

A group of friends are getting together on Saturday for a big Thanksgiving feast, which will be lovely (and tasty). (Note to self: always find expat community comprised of fabulous cooks.)  We are lucky–thankful, even–to have a community of smart, funny, interesting people who have helped us feel more at home, and later today there will be phone calls to dear ones in the States, all of whom we will see in New York over the winter holidays.

So, as they say, As-salaamu aly akum–peace be upon you.  I hope you’re all with people you love (or at least like a little bit) on this holiday: