Stasha strikes again! Just before we left for a day exploring Hampton Court Palace, she posted the topic for her Monday Listicle: Food!

Hey. I can do food. I have a LOT to say about food. Mostly about how my kids don’t really eat “food” in any sense of the word. Watermelon? Nah. Strawberries? Ptooey. Cheese sandwich? Gagh!

So the first item on my list of “what’s to eat?” is this:

Exhibit 1: A little morning snack on the train to Hampton Court: Krispy Kreme Donuts. Yet another quality US export.

But let’s leave my sugar-soaked children behind and consider the 16th century cook, shall we? At Hampton Court, we went through the palace kitchens, which were capable of preparing food for 1200 people at a pop.  The kitchens of the palace have been set up to show us how 16th century cooks worked:

Exhibit 2: Finding a cut of meat to prepare for dinner:

Exhibit 3: Perhaps a shishkebab sort of preparation might be tasty?

Exhibit 4:  Getting the oven the right temperature can be tricky.

Exhibit 5: The finished product (bit of a bummer about the skewer holds, but that can be covered up with a sauce?)

Exhibit 6: No part of the animal will be wasted: anyone fancy a little kidney pie?

Exhibit 7: Need to have a non-carnivore option for our guests.  Perhaps a bird of some sort? Feathers optional.

Exhibit 8: Maybe you’d like to have some bread with your dinner?

And now back to the present day: Dinner for my youngest child: NO noodles. NO chicken tikka. NO hot dogs. Sandwich, please (at least I got a please). NO CRUSTS.

Exhibit 10: My own dinner. Um…perhaps I shouldn’t chastise my youngest son?  Here’s what I had:  two kinds of cheese, a lot of tomatoes, and a glass of rose.  Bliss.