When I got home this morning from the gym,  Husband and the boys were playing a game together.  Not quite in the sit-around-a-board-game-and-roll-the-dice sense of playing a game. More in the new-fangled twenty-first century sense of “playing together.”

They’re all playing Lego Universe, an online multi-player game that Husband started playing “to keep Caleb company.” (By which he means: “this game is really cool and I’m fascinated by the structure and how they’re integrating player input so playing with my six-year-old son earns me cred with the kid and lets me indulge my tech geek self. Win win!” Not that Husband has ever actually used the expression “win win” but still, that’s what he meant).

Caleb and Liam are using de-commissioned laptops of ours, although Liam these days seldom actually plays games — he’s found a free software that’s allowing him to design games of his own.

But there you are. The modern world: three boys, three screens.

Me? I drank my coffee and read the newspaper, analog style.