New year’s resolutions are biting the dust all over the place, as is the pattern in late January.  At some point in optimistic December, I think I told someone that I would no longer cook individual dinners for the FEC (aka, Fussy Eaters Club, aka my children).

Does “individual dinners” count if everyone’s dinner originates from the same damn piece of chicken? Because the other night we had a chicken three way and it really wasn’t as exciting as “three way” might suggest.

Over here we have green chili enchilada filling, which will be rolled in tortillas, sprinkled with green chili sauce and cheese and baked.  Due to the flecks of green–highly suspect–and cheese that isn’t “pizza cheese,” there’s no way my little darlings will eat it.

So then in this pot we’ve got some hunks of chicken in a little haute cuisine masala sauce – from that great Indian food purveyor, Trader Joe’s.  Caleb likes this chicken and this sauce, but emphatically not the sauce that comes from actual Indian restaurants.

But Liam only eats this Trader Joe’s chicken if the sauce gets rinsed off. Liam doesn’t like goopy food.

Liam likes his chicken chunks sauteed with a little butter and cumin, which, I have to say, is totally delicious.

One boy had leftover Indian rice with his chicken; the other had a slices of a baguette with butter.  Neither had anything resembling a green vegetable.

Just stamp “fail” on my forehead.