Reverb10: Prompt for Dec 22: Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

Business class, baby, business class. That’s how I traveled in 2010.

Once, anyway. Or twice, I guess–there and back. And I aspire to more business class travel in the future, thanks very much.

With the exception of that one Brangelina-esqe trip to Abu Dhabi, travel happened for family gatherings and old friends: Florida, Indiana, Chicago, California.

There’s more travel to come in 2011: France, for mom’s 70th birthday–I mean, sorry, her 40th birthday–and then who knows. Apparently Arsenal (that’s a soccer team for those of you who may not be living with rabid 10 year old soccer fans) is playing an exhibition match or something in England, so maybe we’ll “pop across the channel,” as they say, to watch a little football.

Europe next summer, maybe New Orleans this spring for my first-ever bloggers conference, out to California again for what’s become an annual reunion with my college roommate.

When I think about traveling this year, I’m going to think first about the benefits of getting off the treadmill of daily life instead of concentrating on the logistics of packing and shlepping four people through time and space.

Okay, I might think just an eensy bit about business class, too.