Hooee, those reverb kids just don’t give up.  Here’s the question for the day (a few days ago):

Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

[Yes, that missed apostrophe is in the original. What’s the next step? Proofread, my child, proofread]

Okay first of all, does anyone out there in reverb central have kids? Have more than one kid? My aspirations? To spend an entire week without once stepping on a lego.

What’s that? I should aim a little higher? Okay. What about: I would like for there not to be pee sprayed lovingly around toilet, as if the boys were watering some garden that only they can see. Maybe I should install this new video game, which rewards pissing accuracy.

Really? You want me to do better than to hope for more accurate pissing in 2011? Have you seen those yahoos in Congress? If they aren’t the most inaccurate pissers I’ve ever seen…and we out here in non-Congressland are receiving their urinary munificence on a daily basis.

Oh. My own aspirations? For my own personal self? How to make ideas happen? Well, as I said in one of these posts earlier this month, I gotta get my butt in the chair. I’m happy when I’m writing, so I should write more. Simple. What else? Get some good advice on the various writing projects that are percolating around; buckle down on the project I’m starting with Husband (which could be great or could end our marriage. I’m pulling for the former, myself).

On some level, I think, what has to happen first is that I have to take my ideas seriously. Once that happens, then everything else can start to fall into place.

But I’m also really hoping for the inept pissing to stop.