It’s November. Does anyone like November? It’s Liam’s birthday month, but nevertheless, November is hard: it’s getting dark earlier, it’s getting cold, winter is clearly right around the corner.  And this November–perhaps because of the election’s dispiriting results–this November seems harder than usual.

I swear, sometimes these days it’s like we’re living on the other side of the looking glass. The mayor appoints a maagazine saleswoman to run the entire New York school system.  Obama’s administration can’t quite clarify its position on the Bush tax cuts. Michelle Bachmann thinks that passing “the mother of all repeal bills” will make the US the leader of the free world. For that matter, Michelle Bachmann was elected. Rand Paul ditto.

Another looking glass moment? Ethan Hawke was named one of the New York Public Library’s Literary Lions.

And Sarah Palin has a reality show.  Although I guess that makes sense.

Here’s the real kicker: tonight I saw something that made me almost like Cindy McCain. She’s part of the NOH8 Campaign against LBGT bulling–and she’s speaking out against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Cindy McCain speaking out in support of gay and lesbian troops–and thus against her husband?

Welcome to the world on the other side of the mirror.