On Saturday there was a street fair on Park Avenue, just north of Union Square. The fair shut down Park in both directions and the traffic snarl that resulted was horrendous.

As a result of the fair, the bus that stops directly in front of Babies R Us had to change its route, pissing off the weekend herds of shoppers in various states of babydom: pregnant waddling, stroller pushing, toddler wrassling.

Here’s the sign that was taped to the stop:


You know what I think? I think the street fair was actually planned by Democrats who are just trying to get people pissed off at the Republicans, so that on election day, undecideds will go into the voting booth and remember that the Republicans screwed up the bus routes.

Because who would want New Yorkers to know that they were responsible for an all-day traffic jam and the cancellation of a bus route?  I mean, only total idiots would do…

Oh. Wait. Actually, it probably really was the Republican Club. After all, if you’re willing to nominate Paladino, who gives a shit about the traffic?