Caleb has his first loose tooth. A serious wiggler: middle tooth, bottom row, and no he doesn’t want you to touch it thanks very much leave me alone!

He is, however,  fascinated by the wiggliness and a little bit freaked out by it, too.  The thought that his tooth is going to fall out concerns him and he wants to know about this tooth fairy person who will be taking away his bodily appendages.

Where does the tooth fairy come from? he asked.

Somewhere from the clouds, says mommy, distracted by some Very Important Email on her iphone (yes, it’s an addiction, more about that later).  And then your new tooth will just sort of magically grow into that empty space.

He was not entirely convinced by this admittedly half-assed response.  But before bed, he had a brainstorm:

Probably Mrs. Santa Claus is the tooth fairy.  And if it’s not her, then it’s the Easter Bunny’s mother.