Caleb and his friend A. wrote a book last week, a collaborative project featuring extensive illustrations and a comprehensive overview of the world of espionage.

A: It’s called all about spies.

C: That’s not how you spell spies. Spies has a Y in it, right mommy?

A: Told you.

C: Now write that spies steal lots of stuff.

A: Steal?

C (with authority):  Yes! S-T-E-E-L that’s how you write it.

A: Okay.

C: Mommy do you spell stuff s-t-u-p-h?

(Sounds of erasing)

C: Now we’re on page 4! Picture time.

A: I don’t want pictures.

C: Books about spies have to have pictures. Otherwise it’s all secrets and no one will know.

A: Okay. And we should make codes.

C: Great! Spies steal codes. Write that.

A: What else do they do?

C: They wear lots of black.

A: And they steal necklaces.

C: And airplanes.

A: Airplanes?

C: Yes. e-i-r-p-l-a-y-n-z. Airplanes.

A: I can’t draw an airplane.

C: Make it invisible.

A: Ok.

C: Now write The End.