Today, Feb 12, was the “Valentines” celebration in the fourth grade, because the 14th is a Sunday and next week is school vacation. After dinner, Liam showed me the valentines he got and the conversation turned to who has crushes on whom. Seems the fourth grade is a veritable Peyton Place of emotions…which I remembered, vaguely, from my own fourth grade memories–but I hadn’t realized that boys had crushes too.

Let’s see. I. wants to send a special valentine – in the mail – to L., but then again, I. also seems to like S. Liam’s not sure which person I. is going to choose. And L. might like R., actually, which would be hard for I., unless S. decides to like I. back. C. likes L. (a different L.) but it’s not clear that L. reciprocates. F. likes D. and T., but Liam doesn’t think that D. or T. likes anyone special at the moment, while A. likes C., even though C. switched schools last year.

Liam likes a girl, A., and wished that the valentine she’d given him hadn’t accidently gotten thrown away at lunch (isn’t that always the way?) He thinks that A. might like him back because a friend of his, at recess last week, asked her if she liked Liam. “She went to go talk to her friends, ” says my son Casanova, “I think to figure out if she should say yes or no.”  He is wise in the ways of women already, is my son.

What did she say, asks mommy, attempting with some success to avoid weeping with laughter.

Apparently A. played it cool and wouldn’t answer directly, so Liam’s friend told A. to say 9 for “no” and 10 for “yes.” 

“And her friends told her to say ten so she did!”

Hey. There are worse reasons to start a relationship. Look for the engagement announcement in the Sunday Vows section sometime next month.