Public art. A lot of it sucks (the belching smoke and clock weirdness at Union Square, anyone?) but sometimes?  At its best, public art can leaven the air, open the eyes, lift the mood.


I don’t know if it’s art, but it makes me happy. Could you walk past these without smiling?

And today, waiting and waiting for the A train,  were Caleb and I bored? Was he restless and crabby? Not at all.  Because we had company down there, underground:


These sculptures dot the A train platform and create an entire narrative about life underground (the name, not uncoincidentally, of the installation).  Little people sweep up fallen coins, creatures with moneybag heads swing from the subway beams–and there is, of course, an alligator coming out of a sewer:


Apparently the artist who designed the installation went a little crazy with the world he’d created and while maybe it’s not Picasso’s Daley Plaza sculpture, these little creatures make the subway a happier place.