Here’s the funny thing about the fact that I write this blog: I’m not really a tech-minded person.  I read other blogs, like Mom-101, or Dooce, or Ezrapoundcake, and they all seem to know about how their blog actually, you know, works.  It’s not that I’m a luddite, precisely – I loves me my iphone and my tivo and my dslr camera–but basically I just want to write my posts, add some pictures, and put ’em out in cyberspace for everyone  to read (all ten of you, and you know who you are).

But then confound it if some of you didn’t want to leave comments! And that didn’t work very well (yes, rdh and suzie, this is for you); and I wanted to figure out how to be all with widgets and plugins and whatnots, but on Moveable Type, I couldn’t make heads nor tails of their “help” menu (why do techies think that chatboards help those of us who don’t know word fucking one about where to start with a problem?)

Which brings me to…Domestic Tech Support. Aka DTS. Aka Husband. A man who is happiest pulling out the innards of a computer in order to add various bits and parts that will make the computer faster, stronger, more bionic. In his workspace (fondly–and sometimes not so fondly–known as “the nest), he has at last count (sing this out to the tune of “Partridge in a Pear Tree”): four laptops, three hard-drive towers, two video monitors, and one hackintosh he built himself.   We won’t count the vcrs, dvds, and assorted piles of random parts.

But no longer shall I complain. Or at least I will try to refrain from complaining until after the new year. DTS moved my site to the much more user friendly WordPress platform, with some help from the wonderful people at Living Dot, who are always so fast and helpful (in a real-time sort of way, not in a post-your-question-on-some-chatboard-and-hope-that-someone-in-Boise-wants-to-answer-you sort of way).

DTS also added a favicon to the web address so that when you type in Mannahattamamma, you see a ducky little pink “M” – of course, when he first said “favicon” I heard “phallicon” and I wasn’t so much keen on the idea.  But we cleared up that pesky little misunderstanding, added us in a blogroll and some widgets and woila! a new and improved blog! 

I’m hoping to add some buttons that will link to FarmerKids clothes, to Richard’s blog, and a few others, but mostly I just wanted to say thanks to Husband for the tech support and for not adding a phallicon to my blog address. And for those ten of you who read this blog regularly, now it’s supposed to be much easier to leave a comment.  Much easier.

Revamping the site hasn’t exactly made me cyber-savvy and the piles of crap around the desk of DTS still makes me…whoops, sorry, forgot about that whole not complaining until after the new year. Where was I? Right, re-vamping the site.  I’ve been keeping this blog for more than a year now (!) and now that it’s so much easier to use, I’m thinking that come 2010 (we’ll save for another time the question of whether you’re going to say twenty-ten, or a two thousand and ten) I’m at very least going to nail down that distinction between a widget and a plugin.