lucyfootball.gifThis just in: the DOE will be mailing out the results of the “talented and gifted” test on May 4. Three weeks ago, the scores were going to be mailed mid-April, according to the DOE website. When mid-April came and went, the website changed to say that scores would be mailed out April 29. Today, May 1, the website reads that scores will be sent out May 4.

The deadline for applying to “TAG” schools, however, has remained constant: May 15. Which means that if the score really goes out on May 4, you could get the report in your mailbox on, say, May 6 (an optimistic guess, given the vagaries of the NYC postal service), you would have nine days to figure out what school is best for your kid, fill out the form, and send it in – knowing, all the while, that there aren’t enough seats in “TAG” programs for all the eligible children.

I’ve decided that maybe Joel Klein’s role model is Lucy Van Pelt. Which makes me – and the thousands of other parents who have been attempting to be casual about is the mail here yet – Charlie Brown.

And Caleb’s school future, unfortunately, is the football.