commitmentsalbum.jpgAfter dinner the other night, we turned on the soundtrack from “The Commitments,” that great movie about Motown in Ireland. It’s a great family dance record – “Mustang Sally” has been one of Liam’s favorite songs from his first staggering steps, and Caleb will dance to just about anything. 

Our favorite dancing tune, though, is “Treat Her Right,” with its “hey hey hey” chorus and heavy bass line. Caleb’s got a great hip swaggle when he dances, but the other night he was wiggling around with one hand clasped firmly on his crotch, like a tiny Michael Jackson.

Typical mother that I am, I didn’t realize that this was perhaps a stylistic choice on his part, so I told him we could pause the music while he went to the bathroom and peed.

He stared at me witheringly. “Mommy. I’m just holding my penis. It’s what you do when you dance to this music.”


Guess we can pretty much rule out auditions for “Billy Elliott.”