StreetSong.jpgDo you remember how Bob on Sesame Street used to sing that song about “three of these things belong together…one of these things just doesn’t belong…”? 

Let’s play that game now.

That’s number one. The impressively named Nancy Pfotenhauer, nee Nancy Mitchell (would YOU go from Mitchell to Pfotenhauer? Seriously). She used to work for the group Americans For Prosperity (which means what, I wonder? Is there a group that works against prosperity?) Now she works for John McCain.  

Number two:

This is Nicolle Wallace, who perhaps used to be named Nicole Walace. She used to work for Bush but now she works for the McCain campaign, like Nancy.

Exhibit three:

Thumbnail image for CindyMcCain_full.jpgCindy McCain, nee Hensley.  She doesn’t so much work in the way you and I might understand that word. 

 And now for the fourth member of the set:
sarahpalinalask.jpgSo kids, which one doesn’t belong?

Mmmm, nope, it’s not Cindy, although you might think so, given that she’s the only one whose job involves that wonderful phrase “living off the interest.”

Nope, the winner is…la belle Sarah.

Our little game illustrates the reall (sorry Nicolle; it’s catching) – the real reason why McCain thinks Sarah Palin is an “outsider.” It’s got nothing to do with Alaska.

She’s a brunette.

Hey. It makes as much sense as anything else, doesn’t it?